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Mold, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Mold Removal


I want to take the time to brief you on mold that surfaces in living space. We know that mold becomes visible when it starts feeding, within a 48 hour period where  it becomes visible. The cause comes from high moisture in walls and or ceilings, which developed from a flooded basement that did not dry out properly or not at all, leaking foundation and leaking pipes. It is good to have battery backup that will help in case of electrical lost, drain tiles and a good working sum-pump.
When there is a gastric odor, a negative air HEPA air machine will be placed in the work  zone to clean the air. Area will be contained and then sealed all vents, so that mold spores don’t venture up from basement or enter in other rooms through vents, doors or windows.


Mold eradication is costly, but don’t worry, I have a low overhead, so I give my clients the savings. I charge almost half of what the market charges for the same quality or better performance, I use top of the line products like MMR or RMR-86 so rest assure,  you will have peace and serenity thereafter with a lifetime warranty, only if you fix the problem. What do you have to loose, give me a call and you can compare and see how much you can save.