Mold is a nuisance and it attacks the framing of the structure as in rafters, plywood decking, joist and studs etc. We come in and remove the mold with RMR-86, then kill the roots with shock wave biocide to prevent growth.

We specialize in attic mold, and other areas when notified. Normally a home owner doesn’t realize that they have mold till they are selling, unless it is in the basement, or when they went in attics up to install something. The main problem that create mold is water and moisture from condensation, and humidity or a leaking roof which was unnoticed.

To prevent mold, attic should be properly vented by installing mushroom vents four feet apart, be mindful that the job is only as good as the rectification of the ventilation and all repairs of a leaky roof and rectifying insulations.

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Dangers of Mold:

  • Nausea
  • Itchy Skin
  • Headaches
  • Water eyes
  • Dry Skin
  • Respiratory problems, such as breathing and coughing
  • Hives and itching eyes, running nose and sneezing
  • Ear infections skin rashes
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Memory loss, forgetfulness or confusion

Mold Spores will be a danger to you if exposed to it for a long time before cleaning.

The mycotoxin in the spores can cause allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic reactions, especially children and the elderly and/or those with weak immune systems.

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Look no further if you want to save big bucks, mold work is high, but Illinois Mold Eradicator will give you quality workmanship leaving you with peace and serenity with one of the most lowest remediation cost in your neighborhood. This is a new company who wants to help people with this infestation call black mold. Call now! no job too small for the Eradicator.

LIfetime warranty is given to all clients who fix the problems that create mold.

Such as no leaking roof, not too much insulation that is blocking soffit, adequate amount of fans, and or exhaust fan . The fact is that these problems should be done before mold work commence in most cases.

Black Mold

Most of my experience is with a common and dangerous one, the one the people should be aware of is Stachybotrys, some call it black mold, it have microtoxin and it passes off a poisonous gas.


I have experience with Aspergillus — There are about 150 species of it and you can normally find it on food in the fridge and food that that is left out for a while.


Penicillium is another one to be aware of, it is found in food, aerosol, wall paper, carpet, duct insulation, fiberglass and some species have micro toxins, so since you don’t know the difference, stay away and call the mold expert.


Chaetomium is mostly found on paper and also sheetrock, a variety of substrates with cellulose.”