What is Mold?

I want to take the time to enlightened you about mold. First of all, Mold is expensive to remove, but I know it is hard times and money is tight, so since my motto is LIVE AND LET LIVE, I charge a price that can more than meet your budget, except when you just can’t afford it. Mold had been around for thousands of years, but since over the last decade, it has became an infestation plaguing homeowners. There are various kinds of mold, from mildew to black mold called stachybotrys, aspergillus, penicillium, Chaetomium, Alternaria and so on.

There over 100,000 species of mold with different colors, some contractors prey on homeowners by scaring them that mold is about to damage their organs and give them respiratory problem if they don’t leave the house and get it done now.

That’s a lie! In many cases, especially when the kind of mold is not determined, an air sample or a tape lift have to be taken and sent to the lab to determine the type and if it’s a health hazard. If the owner sees the mold and do nothing about it, it will spread because there is a place where water is harboring.

Once you see it, just cut the moldy area out and bag it, the scrub with a coarse bristle brush, vacuum then kill with biocide and then coat with encapsulant to seal. Or you can use a agent like RMR -86 to remove the mold and kill the roots with RMR- Botanical. Use a air scrubber which you can rent or own, just let the pro like myself do it. I am sure you will not live with it while it start to pass off gasses that can make you sick. No testing is needed, that’s waste of money, just get rid of it whether it is black mold or yellow mold or any color mold.

Mold is a nuisance and it attacks the framing of the structure as in rafters, plywood decking, joist and studs etc. We come in and remove mold with RMR-86 and kill the mold with biocide.

We specialized in attic mold, and other areas when notified. Normally a home owner doesn’t realize that they have mold till they are selling, unless it is in the basement, or when they went in attics up to install something. The Main problem that create mold is water and moisture from condensation, and humidity or a leaking roof which was unnoticed.

Too much insulation tucked on the top plate up to the decking or plywood, will stop the flow of proper circulation next to none and what happen is, no air can pass through in the attic to cool it down, therefore condensation is built up

To prevent mold, attic should be properly vented by installing mushroom vents four feet apart, be mindful that the job is only as good as the rectification of the ventilation and all repairs of a leaky roof and rectifying insulations.

Lifetime warranty is given to all proper ventilation and roof repairs, also basement walls and leaking pipes etc.
Air machine will run from processing to twenty four hours for attic.

I sincerely hope this information was helpful to you. Thank you for looking at and using ( MOLD ERADICATOR) please refer a friend.


  1. Technician will be wearing protective gears, respirator, gloves and tyvec suit.
  2. If attic work is performed, attic will be sealed off and anything that can be damaged, Sealing attic door prevent cross contamination.
    Negative air three stage filtration machine will be place near containment to create a negative air flow and trap mold spores then release clean air in living space.
  3. There will be four air exchange within an hour where clean air will be disperse into living space.
  4. Affected areas will be scrubbed with a coarse bristle brush to agitate mold on surface.
  5. Biocide to kill the roots will be spray coated on affected areas after RMR-86 is used that was designed to remove fungal growth.