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Welcome to Mold Eradicator. You have come to the right place if you are dealing with unpleasant and intrusive mold.

I have experience with Aspergillus — There are about 150 species of it and you can normally find it on food in the fridge and food that that is left out for a while.

Chaetomium is mostly found on paper and also sheetrock, a variety of substrates with cellulose.

Most of my experience is with a common and dangerous one, the one the people should be aware of is Stachybotrys, some call it black mold, it have microtoxin and it passes off a poisonous gas.

Penicillin is another one to be aware of, it is found in food, aerosol, wall paper, carpet, duct insulation, fiberglass and some species have micro toxins, so since you don’t know the difference, stay away and call the mold expert.

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